Mainstreaming Multi-Artistry, IT & Youth Social Entrepreneurship

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About Us

FYCB was founded in 2009 in Limbe –South West Region of Cameroon by like-minded youths who emerged with pooling of talents and intellectual resources to spearhead development in the Arts, ICT and Entrepreneurship, with crafted vision and mission which relates reflects this dream of development in this way.

Linkup local initiatives towards youths focused development that play a primordial role for a brighter phased economy and sustainable use of Cameroon’s resources for a brighter future 
ØTo mainstream Multi-artistry, Information Technology and Social Entrepreneurship as avenues for bridging sustainable solutions to youth related development in and out of the school milieus


FYCB’s  management squad is made up of persons with professional backgrounds in Programs/projects management and publishing, as well as ICT and Digital technology engineering which includes the following:

ØKINDZEKA NESTOR:  The CEO/President  is a writer with publishing skills and has 6 years experience and the brain work behind the success of  Youth Action Program, Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program  (YSEP) , Multi-media Production & Distribution Program (MPDP) and has worked as a consultant to organizations, enterprises / businesses

ØCHIA ABEL KIYONG:  Administration and Finance Director  (AFD) with 4 years of relevant working experience as  a Financial manager and an accounting Officer in organizations and financial institutions

ØTEFU MBOLE ROWLAND:  The Programs Director (PD) has 7 years of working with most ICT entities like: GTHS multimedia center (using the Invenoe system) , Survey for OSEELC Network,  Restructuring of Landmaq Co. Ltd network Department and ISP sector and has worked as an independent Consultant  for enterprises

ØBURINYUY STEPHEN:  Director of Training  & Professional Development  (DTPD) with 5 years of relevant working experience in teaching, projects management and publisher