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After School Creative Arts and Musical Project (ASCREAM)

FYCB Project “After School Creative Arts & Musical Project “ASCREAM” is a talent sourcing initiative that targets emerging young actors and artists in Cameroon for skill building through theatrical and musical performances so as to develop the entertainment industry.

ASCREAM Project will identify talented youths in the domains of digital, performing & creative arts, organize them in theater clubs and dance groups in some identified localities, and through performance with capacity building workshop in respect to the various disciplines, we will develop skills, potentials and expertise in fostering development in the entertainment industry. These skills will be used in phase II to produce a low budget home entertainment Video (HEV) involving best performing artist selected from phase I of the project.


Summer Films Crafts Workshop: General Description

 ASCREAM PROJECT offers an accredited conservatory Summer Film Crafts Workshops. Participants rigorously train in on-camera acting, voice, movement, acting theory and the business of acting. While some 90% of actors experience theater training, 90% of work for actors is in filmed media. To be successful in this highly competitive field, knowledge of techniques specific to film is essential for today’s actor.

 Screen Acting Craft
Acting is both an art and a craft. This course will focus on craft, emphasizing the technical demands of screen acting. Participants will learn to calibrate their performances specifically for the camera frame, adjusting for close ups and a wide shots. Since the camera photographs thought, Participants will develop an active and varying inner monologue (Speech you make to yourself), and understand the nuances of acting, thinking and listening with the eyes. A script supervisor will guide Participants through the craft of consistently using props and gestures, essential to on-set acting. A scene study unit will underscore how to break down a scene and play it effectively for camera. The course will culminate in the final project for the program, in which each student will develop a scene that best showcases him/her for a demo reel. Scenes will be professionally shot.

Film Production
It is an imperative part of the training process for actors to work on an actual film set. Therefore each student will be expected to participate in minimally sixteen short films, produced by ASCREAM PROJECT. Participants will be encouraged to combine this material with scene work to produce a marketable show reel. For the final grade, Participants will be evaluated based on documentation in process oriented journals, as well as the quality of the final performance.

 Movement for Stage and Screen
The actor must be physically fit and flexible. Each class day will begin with a strengthening warm-up regime, preparing Participants for the physical and vocal aspects of the craft.

 What does the Summer Films Crafts Workshop?

- total immersion in film acting craft
- a serious and professional learning environment
- an intensive curriculum that encompasses all aspects of acting
- hands on work in front of camera
- a professional show reel
- crucial participation in the film making process
- acting work in minimally 4 short films
- access to quality professional film making resources
- an opportunity to tailor design a course of study that could incorporate other filmmaking courses

 ASCREAM PROJECT Help Actors Enter the Film Industry through Summer Films Crafts Workshop?

The initiative will provide:
- valuable contacts to a network of film makers including course mates and professionals aboard  
- career guidance
- effective courses in on-camera casting technique, and actor marketing
- direct links to film productions in Cameroon.

 Why Study Film Acting?

The Summer Film Crafts Workshop under the ASCREAM PROJECT School prepares participants to become technically skilled, versatile and marketable in the film industry.

the Program will kick start with the Summer Film Craft Workshop 2011.

the courses to be taught during this workshop are detailed out in the following: 


 Workshops Schedule Program