Mainstreaming Multi-Artistry, IT & Youth Social Entrepreneurship

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Cameroon E- Education and Digital Library (CEDIGIL-TECH)

CEEDIGIL-TECH is an integrated Hypermedia Nervous System (HNS) with MULTICAST IP & WINDOWS MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES comprised of Centrally located server that hosts and deploys educational materials like class Lectures and text/work books, articles and documentary videos through an ICT Network infrastructure (VPN) with interconnected PCs to homes, schools and Cybercafés, and also make them available on Internet and on CDs/DVDs, accessible to Low Income Students (LIS) and Youths with Limited opportunities to meet up with their diverse educational needs in the General, and Technical, Vocational/Professional Educational Sectors for EQUAL  ACCESS and EDUCATION FOR ALL in Cameroon.


To provide to cost effective and quality educational materials to Low Income Students and youths with limited opportunities using  ICT Hypermedia and infrastructure that connects to school computer labs, research centers, libraries and homes for equal  access, enhanced academic success and education for all in Cameroon.  


  Technology Development Plan

vFYCB will build an independent website of about 250GB for the project. 

vThe organization’s Hardware needs for this project: ØA powerful Host Server (HS) & Client PCs for the Library’s LAN & WAN ØCISCO Routers/switches & Accessories for network configurations

vSoftware needs for CEDIGIL-TECH Project ØMetadata & oracle for access user interface over the network infrastructure ØWindows server & Office 2007, Adobe creative suite CS5/Maya, CD burning software FYCB’s Expansion plans for CEEDIGIL-TECH will be implemented as from the fifth Year




Project Development Cost Analysis



FYCB’s management squad is made up of persons with professional backgrounds in managing Programs & Projects, as well as ICT and Digital technology engineering which includes the following:

Ø  KINDZEKA NESTOR:  The CEO/President has 5 years of relevant  working experience and the brain work behind the success of  Youth Action Program, Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program  (YSEP) , Multi-media Production & Distribution Program (MPDP) and has worked as a consultant to organizations, enterprises and businesses

Ø  MEZIH LEONARD:  Administration and Finance Director  (AFD) with 4 years of relevant working experience as  a Financial manager and an accounting Officer in organizations and financial institutions

Ø  TEFU MBOLE ROWLAND:  The Programs Director (PD) has 7 years of working with most ICT entities like: GTHS multimedia center (using the Invenoe system) , Survey for OSEELC Network,  Restructuring of Landmaq Co. Ltd network Department and ISP sector and has worked as an independent Consultant  for enterprises

Ø  CHIA ABEL KIYONG:  Director of Training  & Professional Development  (DTPD) with 5 years of relevant working experience in teaching, projects management and publisher