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CiSo-I-Hub Cameroon Project

The Civil Society Impact Hub (CiSo-I-Hub) is projects that facilitates collaboration, information sharing/dissemination, capacity development and communication amongst others, as well as stimulate cross-disciplinary and transnational cooperation that unifies and strengthen the voice of Civil Society Organizations through a coordinated action to address issues affecting development in Cameroon. In this way a collaborative platform will be put in place by this project to enable Civil Society Organizations (CSO) through an interactive forum, showcase their role in development through a platform that enables their various partners in development, stakeholders, other actors and the general public assess the impact of their works with time in a manner that transparency and accountability is ensured.  

Therefore, FYCB Cameroon, under its Program “Information Technology and Computer Engineering Program (ITCEP)” has designed a project “Civil Society Impact Hub (CiSo-I-Hub)” which is as an ICT infrastructure that will put in place the following platforms for the Cameroon Civil Society:

  1. A CSO interactive website for networking and information Dissemination
  2. Carryout an Impact Assessment exercise on CSO to be published alongside documentary Video of previous on development projects by organizations concerned
  3. Establish a Civil Society  Clearing house that will:
    1. Produce Digital capacity building  materials such as Workshop videos and training manuals to be published on CDs/DVDs as well as host them on the CiSo-I-Hub’s website for easy access and downloadable to everyone
    2. Report on CSO activities via CSO online Streaming News on the CiSo-I-Hub website on quarterly bases
    3. Organize regional Capacity building of CSO on the use of online Communication and information sharing tools put in place by the CiSo-I-Hub project
    4. Publish quarterly CiSo-I-Hub impact Magazine that focus on CSO Quarterly activities

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