Mainstreaming Multi-Artistry, IT & Youth Social Entrepreneurship

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The aim of this book is to provide a positive image of best practices in business and to develop in entrepreneurs the key skills to run their own business, surpassing all the business challenges in start-up and growing businesses such as the 7 steps in entrepreneurship, key business management concepts, financial sourcing alongside most capital raising strategies and their sources and human resource management.

The ides in this book came about when I carried out a research on Income Generating Activities (IGA) and in Impact on Economic Development (case study in Kumbo in the North West Region) while studying in CDSTS Santa; I worked with a lot of CIGs, Associations and Community Based Organization whose primary activities were Income Generating Activities (IGAs). This got me so involved in business consulting when they realized I identified a lot of problems affecting their businesses and propose solutions that worked effectively and later on, I got baffled with questions like “I want to start a business but I have no idea how to do it?”  it was really hard for me to explain to somebody how to start a business in two or three simple steps. So I decided to take a personal initiative to write a book called "Start up Secrets in Business" and  “Entrepreneurship Business Toolkit” that guides the ready on a step by step methodology on how to start a business.  Imagine that if you have never cooked in your entire life and you are thrown into a kitchen will you be able to cook that great dish that people will pay some hundreds of CFAs for?, most likely not. But what if someone gives you a recipe, a step-by-step-process, a method to actually start a business or to do anything in life? Whatever you do in life you need a method if you want to do it well. That’s the same with entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not more difficult or less difficult than any other skill. It just needs a method, it just needs a process. So if you have a method or you have a process, you could be great entrepreneurs in fact anybody can be a great entrepreneur.  So that is what this book is all about, it is the Step-By-Step Process of conceiving and managing a business from dream to reality.

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