Mainstreaming Multi-Artistry, IT & Youth Social Entrepreneurship

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FYCB- Information Technology and Computer Engineering Program (ITCEP) is an Educational/training, resource sharing, capacity and career development program that seek to foster IT education and entrepreneurship in Cameroon by enabling students, school dropouts and other disadvantaged youths join the rest of the world in reaping from the rewards and benefits of the Revolution in Information and Communication Technologies in terms of education/training, employment, communication, creativity and discovery.

 FYCB’s work in implementing the ITCEP initiative is to equilibrate access to timeless Education, ICT resources, Career Development and professional training among low/high class and distant/close learners within the various Educational sectors in Cameroon through the use of Information and Communication Technologies. This program will implements a Global Awareness Program in various schools and IT training Centers nationwide, produce IT Books/digital learning materials and deliver them on hard copies, CDs/DVDs, websites and through a Hypermedia Nervous System with Deployed Multicast IP & Windows Media Technologies, accessible from a Client User Interface through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) infrastructure.


Information and Digital Technology Educational Resource Center

Information and Digital Technology Educational Resource Center (IDTERECE) Project: this is an IT professional Center that designs context driven IT training Programs & deliver them in partnership with schools and other IT Centers Nationwide.  as well as design and revise different editions of  IT text books for Schools and publish them alongside their lecture CDs/DVDs to bridge the gap of IT illiteracy in Cameroon throught.

Technology Educational Press TECHEDU PRESS.

Technology Educational Press (TECHEDU PRESS): This is a model through which IT and Digital educational materials (IT books and lecture CDs/DVDs) designed by Technology Planning Team (TPT) through the framework in the IDTERECE project will be published.

Cameroon E-Education and Digital Library Technology.

Cameroon E-Education and Digital Library Technology (CEEDIGIL-TECH): this is a Hypermedia Nervous System established that offers E-learning Services to Schools, IT Centers  and individuals subscribed to the system’s server to  access educational/training resources such as past/live lectures