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The National Computer Animation Program (NACAP)

National High Schools Computer Animation Project (NAHSCAP) is a nationwide Global Awareness Program on the practical application of ICT as a learning tool in the various Cameroon educational sectors in Cameroon through the use of its facilities such as computers and multimedia mobile phones to access and share educational resources using the internet. This project is the first phase of FYCB’s “Information Technology and Computer Engineering Program (ITCEP)”. That has 4 main projects which include the following:
National High School Computer Animation Project (NAHSCAP)
Technology Educational Press (TECHEDU PRESS)
Information & Digital Technology Resource Center (IDTRECE)
Cameroon E-Education and Digital Library Technology (CEEDIGIL TECH)

The project in question “NAHSCAP” will focus on enhancing academic success in Schools and Colleges, as well as working together with IT Teachers/trainers, created computer Club members and Cameroon Educational board to develop a standard ICT Text book for Cameroon Schools and colleges, after addressing the IT need of the students through our nationwide workshops. The implementation phase for this project will focus on the following activities:
Print 10,000 Copies of Elements of ICT Book to guide participants during workshops
Mobilize students and stakeholders over the media against the nationwide workshops and launching of the project as well as the book with stakeholders
Organize 21 workshops nationwide in 7 regions to create 54 Computer Animation Clubs
Create  54 Computer Animation Clubs nationwide of 2700 students from 54 schools to mobilize and share designed online educational/training materials with other students
 Work together with CAC members and IT teachers to design a Standard IT book for used in Cameroon  schools and colleges
Organize the national Conference on ICT involving CAC leaders, Computer Trainers/Teachers stakeholders in the educational board and the ministry.

Project Context Analysis

Despite the advancement in Information Technology in the world today, Cameroon is yet to adopt and implement ICT as a major course in its educational Board regarding the fact that ICT skills are mostly needed for development in almost all industries today. To this effect, very little is known as far as ICT is concerned in the Cameroon general, technical and vocational educational sectors. According to FYCB’s 2009/2010 primary survey, only about 17% of schools in most urban areas in the South West region are equipped with computer labs. After carrying out a Semi-Structured Interviews (SSI) with a good number of students in these educational sectors, it was revealed that 70% of graduating students from 30 Schools with Computer Labs complete School without ever visiting the Lab. 25% of students who use the lab know about the internet and just those with E-mail accounts use it either to send or receive mails from their loved ones. None of the above students have ever used the internet for research or educational purposes,   Meanwhile 43% of trainees in IT Training Centers study it as a minor course. Therefore, the overall assessment of Computer application into Cameroon schools is about 15%
Needs Assessment
Following the latest development in late 2011 (October 2011), emphasis on integrating IT in to the Cameroon educational sectors was officially declared compulsory by the educational board, but much more is still needed to bridge the gap between ICT and its Educational as well as career linkages that are currently influenced by the following obstacles:
Inadequate or Limited IT orientation of students on the ICT and Educational/Career Linkages
Limited access to computers for practical work
Neither Text Books nor educational reference materials on ICT are generally published for use in Cameroon schools and college

FYCB’s initiative in designing and implementing a nationwide program called “Information Technology Computer Engineering Program (ITCEP)”  is to equilibrate access to timeless Education, ICT resources sharing, Career Development, professional training and effective use of the communication facilities like internet (both mobile and cybercafés), among low/high class and distant/close learners within the various Educational sectors in Cameroon. This program will implements a Global Awareness Program called “National High School Computer Animation Project (NAHSCAP)” as its pilot phase in various schools and the following activities are earmarked to achieve the program’s goal: 

The project will print a publication called ELEMENTS OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES that is designed with generated graphics and screen shots to guide workshop participants use the internet in tandem with their studies without assistance. it will lead them through the various facilities that enable them to access the web such as computers, Multi-media Mobile phones i pads and many others that will enable them share resources and communicate with students of different schools both home and abroad.

this book is developed by the FYCB Information Technology Technology Planning Team (ITPT) and the cover page looks like this:


Follow this link for more publication under the TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION PRESS via this link.....TECHEDU PRESS