Mainstreaming Multi-Artistry, IT & Youth Social Entrepreneurship

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Our programs

Multi-artistry and information technology for youth development (MAINTEYOD) is the main FYCB concept approach that that is earmarked to enable FYCB foster the development of the Arts/entertainment and IT industries in Cameroon. The main drivers of this vision are the four programs that have been developed to assist the organization stay focused to its vision to develop the above industries.


PACDP (Performing Arts and Cultural Development Program)

This is a talent sourcing Initiative program under the Arts and Cultural Department (ACD) that seek to create a and opportunities for young and talented Cameroonians to build their capacities in performing arts such as Theatre Arts, music, comedy, dance, fashion shows and cultural Exchange forums that will help preserve our culture from being wiped out by modernity Read More about PADP


YSEP (Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program)

This is a social program operational under the FYCB Development and management Consulting Department (DMCD) that focuses capacity building, youth employment and development consulting. Read more about YSEP

 MPDC (Multimedia Production and Distribution Program)

This a pure Corporate Social initiative brought by FYCB to help revive the film and entertainment industry alongside PACDP by training young professionals in multi-media production, music, acting and film management. Read more about MPDP  


ITCEP (Information Technology and Computer Engineering Program)

This is an IT oriented program that focuses on offering context driven IT professional Training and certification programs to the youths as well as opening avenues where innovative  IT initiatives could be initiated and implemented so as to facilitate data processing and information sharing for sustainable development. Read more about ITCEP


Each of the above programs has series of programs and projects to be implemented with time in accordance with the FYCB 5 – 10 years Development Plan. The classifications of the projects according to their various programs are as follows: