Mainstreaming Multi-Artistry, IT & Youth Social Entrepreneurship

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Performing Arts and Culture Development Program (PACDP)

This Program has as a goal to create performance opportunities where young people could develop their talents in performing arts and skills to enhance development in the Film/entertainment industry for sustainable development.

It also has sub programs and series of projects to be implemented to achieve the above stated goals which include the following:

 a.    Youth Action for Social Change Program (YASCP) This is a global awareness program that seeks to involves of theatre arts, music performance, comedy and short movies/video to create awareness and sensitization on the various issues such as HIV/AIDS, Democracy, Human Right, women and gender issues, etc. so as to achieve maximum impact in addressing these issues from the youths wing.

 b.    High School Theatre-Musical Competition project (HISTEMUSIC): This project seeks to engage young people from the high school level in to the Cameroon Film Industry and the entertainment industry as a whole through the formation of theatre and musical clubs in schools to embark on theatre and music performance competitions nationwide to build their capacities in acting, script writing, screen play, acting, production, and music as a whole. 

c.    The Cameroon Hip Hop Movement Program (CHHMP): This program seeks to revive this brand of music in Cameroon by engaging the various actors in the field (both artists and Producers) to engage in a nationwide competition to advocate and create awareness for sponsors to support them, fully develop this industry.

d.    Best Practices in the promotion of Arts and Cultural Festivities In Cameroon (ACFP)

This project seeks to engage youths cultural groups to exhibit   preserve the long existed culture of Cameroon from being wiped out by modernity