Mainstreaming Multi-Artistry, IT & Youth Social Entrepreneurship

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Technology Educational Press (TECHEDU PRESS)

Technology Educational Press (TECHEDU PRESS): is a model through which FYCB’ takes it’s IT and Digital educational reference materials such as IT books and lecture CDs/DVDs designed by Information Technology Planning Team (ITPT) through the framework in the IDTERECE project, will be published.  These designed materials ranging from IT books pertaining to the various computer application programs, includes the following:

Computer concepts ( such as hardware, software, Networking concepts)

Elements of Information and Communication Technologies,

My Office Companion

Some TECHEDU PRESS Designed Publications



Some independents Microsoft office 2007 core Application have been designed separately with graphical illustration and practical examples that could guide readers acquire practical skills by following up what the various exercises in these publications. These applications    

1)      Microsoft Word Application program

2)      Microsoft Excel Application program

3)      Microsoft Access Application program

4)      Microsoft Publisher Application program

5)      Microsoft PowerPoint Application program

Some of the practical you will see in this book includes the following