Mainstreaming Multi-Artistry, IT & Youth Social Entrepreneurship

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Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program (YSEP) is a Micro Enterprise Program (MEPP) that invests on creative business ideas selected from local industries in Cameroon with potentials for success growth and high income. Unlike other programs, this program will provide venture capitals in form of Micro Credits to youth businesses through its ?Strategic Investment for Youth Enterprise Development (STRAINYED)? raised through a good number of sources such as: Sales from the E-Business Toolkit, Book Project, E-Business Senior Executives Magazine project,Cameroon Diasporas and Stakeholders Investment (CAMDIASIN) Forum, National and International Donour Organizations and Consulting


To promote entrepreneurship to further develop Youths Enterprising Initiatives from our local industries in to Small, Medium and Big sized Enterprises/Companies, as the contribution of the youths for Cameroon to attain its goal come 2035 in becoming an emerging economy through Entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurship (E-) Business Senior Executive   Magazine   

The Entrepreneurship business Senior Executives Newspaper engages Social Role Models like CEOs, Managing Directors, Managers, established entrepreneurs, etc, to pass on to the emerging entrepreneurs some of their managerial skills through informal training, business coaching, and business counseling. This will be done by writing [powerful articles that can really inspire the youths and others to be published in the magazine. The magazine will also contain information about the program as well as market the program and youths business ideas to stakeholders and donours. It will also focus on legal issues that impede the development of an entrepreneurial community and address them to stakeholders.

 The Entrepreneurship Senior Executives Magazine will be a commercial magazine and one of it?s type that focus on business politics, the environment and the role of ICT in the business world. Some of the pages will be sold-out to companies and some will contain the program information. The information will be from mainly success stories of established entrepreneurs who will transfer their experience through coaching and advice to youths who are emerging in to entrepreneurial world. This will also serve as a fundraising strategy for the Strategic Investment for Youth Enterprise Development (TRAINYED) Fund

 Entrepreneurship (E-) Business Toolkits: 

Entrepreneurship Business Toolkits are designs prints products/books that focus on entrepreneurship and other related areas to be distributed as training and capacity building tools for to build the capacities of youths and those who run micro-enterprises. The first edition of the E-Toolkit book project has already been designed and ready for printing. This book involves the following concepts

  •  PART I: The concept of entrepreneurship
  •  PART II An overview of business Enterprise Fundamentals
  •  PART II: A step-by step and detailed methodology of elaborating a business plan
  •  PART IV: A step-by-step and a detailed methodology of Managing an Enterprise/Income Generating Activity (IGA)
  •  PART V: Marketing a business Venture
  •  PART VI: Existing platforms and Funding Resources for supporting Youths initiatives in Cameroonlkit Via this link.......

Strategic Investment for Youth Enterprise Development (STRAINYED) Fund Project. This is a Venture Capital Fund (VCF) mobilized by the Youth Social Entrepreneurship Program (YSEP) through all forms of fundraising strategies such as:

  1. Sales from the E-Business Toolkit book Project,
  2. E-Business Senior Executives Magazine project,  
  3. Cameroon Diasporas and Stakeholders Investment  (CAMDIASIN) Forum is a consortium that engage Cameroonians in the Diaspora, companies, corporations, Banks and Angel Investors both nationwide and internationally to network and invest in feasible, creative and Innovative youth business/projects that are selected from participants showcased by E-VISION 2035 Show through a 8 weeks context driven entrepreneurship training and highly competitive business plans contest developed by the youths themselves after training and presented over the media for public appraisals. These stakeholders can access these business ideas by following up the E-VISION 2035 Show live on TV, or through the project?s web page that includes the executive summary and the video presentation that will be hosted on the program?s website

 National and International Donour Organizations

 Consulting to other business organizations and offering Entrepreneurship Training Packages to graduating batches from Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET)